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Your Privacy and Security is Important to Us

This privacy statement covers the site By visiting the site, you are accepting the privacy practices described below.

As a former federal employee, county and municipal law enforcement officer I am more than aware of how much your peace of mind matters. It matters to us too. Because we work extensively with Federal, State, County and local law enforcement agencies we take great pride in keeping your information secure and safe.

Blue Star Police Supply collects personal information (name, address, phone number, e-mail, shipping and billing information. We also collect non-personal information such as purchases made from our site. Blue Star Police Supply will never give, trade, sell or share any of your personal data or information with anyone for any reason.

You are an important customer at Blue Star Police Supply and your online ordering is highly valued.

If you wish to change or modify information previously provided or to access recent orders click on “Customer Service” located on our homepage and then click on “Update My Account Information” or “Viewing My Orders” respectively. We understand that you may be concerned about on-line credit card security. We, along with other key e-commerce sites, maintain that e-commerce is safer than everyday credit card purchases. Because we want you to be comfortable shopping online, we have taken steps to ensure that our site is secure by implementing Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

SSL is a technology included with most major Web browsers that encrypts all messages sent between a Web browser and an SSL-enabled Web site. This information is automatically un-encrypted upon receipt by our Web server.

A digital certificate or digital ID is needed to enable SSL on a Web site. A digital ID is a unique identifier, just like your social security number, that tells visitors that we have been certified to be who we say we are. This ID is held by a Certificate Authority (CA) who is a trusted third-party charged with identifying individuals and organizations on the Internet. One of the two most predominate Certificate Authorities is VeriSign. We purchased the digital ID directly from VeriSign after we properly identified ourselves and completed the registration process. Not only are Secure Server IDs based on the strongest available encryption technology, but they are backed by the VeriSign NetSureSM Protection Plan.

Your safety and security is why Blue Star Police Supply exists. We want you to join our rapidly growing family of satisfied customers. If you have any questions or concerns about security on our web site, please feel free to email us at