Boston Leather 5419 Four-Ply Texan Sap 11″ Weighted Black Leather.



Boston Leather has been producing fine leather goods since 1938. In the early 1940’s they began to focus their efforts on the law enforcement community. Their leather is produced in the United States, tanned in the United States, and Boston Leather’s products are manufactured in the United States! With over 60 years of experience Boston leather is a name you can count on for professional equipment and accessories that can stand the test of time. The 5419 Four-Ply Denver Sap is an alternative defensive impact weapon. Also known as a black jack or slap jack, it’s constructed from 4 plies of heavy gauge leather encasing a molded lead weight. The Sap is 11″ long and weighs 13 ounces with a sturdy spring steel shank. It’s a unique and effective deterrent against any would be attacker. Specifications and Features: Boston Leather 5419 Four-Ply Denver Sap with Loop 5419-14 Ply Heavy Gauge Leather Encased Molded Lead Weight Loop Handle Spring Steel Shank11″ Long13 Ounces, Black. Made In The USA. Boston Leather 5419 Four-Ply Texan Sap 11″ 13 Ounces Weighted Leather Black


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