QuietKat Warrior All Terrain Bicycle Black/Camouflage




The Quiet Kat Warrior Police Bicycle was designed and tested in the Colorado mountains for back-country use.  For over 2 years we evaluated this platform prior to appropriating it for police use.  It is not a converted mountain bike that has a weight limit of 200 pounds (like most) it was built to handle, day in and day out, 300 pounds of rider and gear.  It has been operated in up to 8″ of snow and will take up through city, town and off-road all day every day.

With heavy-duty disk brakes and solid handling the Warrior runs on 750 or 1,000 watts of dependable lithium-ion power for up to 25 miles on a single charge. Throw a second battery in a saddle bag and you have all-day capability for up to 50 miles. The front fork has adjustable shocks to absorb what a patrol day can throw at you.  It has 8 mechanical gears and 5 electric power settings and will run up to 25 mph with pedal-assisted battery operation  – if you have to get there and function immediately just hit the throttle and get there without expending your personal energy and be ready to respond on arrival.

The fully-equipped POLICE package comes with battery, front headlight, red/blue response lights, taillight, fenders, water-proof quick-release saddle bags and fenders, saddle and pedals. 

The Quiet Kat Warrior will recharge in 6 hours from fully depleted to fully charged.  Department and fleet pricing available upon request.  Prices quoted are for single bicycle purchase.

Additional information

Weight 80 lbs

Camo, Black

Motor Size

750, 1000

Base/ Police Package



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