Umarex T4E TPM1 8XP .43 Cal Co2 Blowback Paintball Pistol.




The innovative minds at Umarex took the beloved Glock 17 model and reconfigured it into an extremely authentic paintball pistol replica. The T4E TPM1 is constructed from a full metal slide, barrel, and internal parts to ensure maximum durability and longevity. The high strength polymer frame helps to cut excess weight yet maintain its integrity. A single 12g Co2 cartridge powers this paintball pistol, which is housed within the 8 round drop-free magazine. The full metal slide blows back with every trigger pull and will automatically lock back in place when the last shot has been fired, a favorite feature among players looking for the most realistic warfare possible. Fully licensed engravings around the TPM1 add to the overall authenticity of this paintball pistol.

Much like the real-steel version, this pistol has a .43 caliber barrel opening and uses the corresponding size paintballs or rubber balls. Coming out of the box firing at a hot 290 FPS, you will have no problem reaching those long range targets. Ergonomically designed textured polymer grip panels contour the natural shape of the users hand for optimal comfort and stability during elongated use. Umarex included a hard cover carrying case to ensure your pistol stays protected during transportation. Front and rear sights allow users to quickly and accurately zero in their targets on the fly. A small 20mm picatinny accessory rail beneath the barrel opens the TPM1 up to a wide range of customization options such as the addition of a flashlight or laser. Front and rear slide serrations assist users in manually cocking back the slide when loading or unloading a round. If you are looking for a realistic hard hitting paintball pistol to add to your arsenal, the new T4E TPM1 8XP from Umarex is the perfect choice.

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